Friday, April 12, 2013

When inspiration HITS you!

Ok so I've felt so behind. LOL. And that is a huge understatement. For the first time ever, I took ALL of spring break off and it made me feel even more behind. It's Friday before state tests. I teach 5th and 6th grade but I only teach Science and Social Studies. SO... being in Oklahoma, I only have to test 5th grade in my subject matter (other teachers will test reading & math). So that's two fifth grade classes and two tests each. I am testing Monday thru Thursday next week but my bulletin boards weren't down yet. So instead of pulling down my vocabulary wall I was reading through old posts that I had saved in my email (from January if that shows you how far behind I am) and I found this fabulous post by Vicki Davis.


The part that I needed to hear because it's so true...

Those of you who don't teach won't understand this feeling I described in the opening paragraphs. Usually it is a feeling for Fridays and end of the semester, but it is real and it is normal for teachers to get this way. We are in a high stress high burnout job and must hold onto encouragement and go to bed at 4:30 when we are self-aware enough to realize that we're about to push ourselves too far.

So I just finished pulling down every letter and number that could be seen. I covered my bookshelves with sheets. I was about to head home for a restful weekend before state testing and I thought... I need to blog about this. We, as teachers, are meant to encourage and inspire one another.  So here is my amazing break through idea to share...


When a kid starts yelling and has a fit, I remind myself Q.T.I.P.

Quit Taking It Personally...

When BillyJoe JimBob (or his momma) is in my face about his grade, take a deep breath. Don't take it personally. Stay calm.

It is easier said than done but to remind myself I tape a Q Tip to my computer and to my classroom phone. Why in those places? At my school we use our computers to write discipline referrals and classroom phones to call parents. So when I sit down to write up a student I can ask myself if I'm taking it personally... and when I pick up the phone to call BillyJoe JimBob's momma, I can be reminded.

Later peoples!