About Me

I am a teacher currently employed at Emerson Elementary, make that Clinton Middle School, middle school was crazy so back to Elementary I went (Hamilton Elementary that is). I have been teaching for Tulsa Public Schools since 2004. I provide instruction for a Title I classroom, while serving as a member of the 6th grade level team. I have taught grades 2-6, and Kindergarten in Oklahoma and Kindergarten for one year in Texas. I have been on the positive behavior interventions and support team and have served as a positive behavior coach. I have planned staff development and parent involvement activities. I was the Safety Committee leader 2013-‘14 and Safety Patrol Supervisor in 2014-2015. I attend various conferences, and have spoken at the state Social Studies conference in October 2014.

I love teaching US History and Reading/ELA the most. My passion is learning and teaching (which can happen at the same time). I am growing daily to become the best teacher that I can be. Learning never stops no matter how old you become.

I have no husband or kids of my own. I devote myself to my role as a citizen of the classroom community. I have family in Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. I spend my free time reading and creating things for my classroom and others. I am addicted to Pinterest and TeachersPayTeachers.com.

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