Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ocean Food chain

Ok so I may not understand all this blog stuff... how to change fonts... how to make it cute... BUT I DO HAVE FABULOUS IDEAS TO SHARE!!!

So here goes...

In class today we will be working on food chains and biomes. I chose to combine a lesson on shark parts with a lesson on food chains. I searched images to find pictures of plankton, fish larvae, small fish, and large fish. I chose the pictures I liked and used the copier to make them the right size for my project.

Then I free handed a shark shape onto a large piece of construction paper. This took 3 tries as I am NOT an artist in any way.  On the shark's tail I drew a small sun. Then, I placed the picture of the plankton near the tail.

Then the picture of fish larvae/small fish in the middle of the shark.
Then the picture of the large fish near the shark's mouth.
I drew food chain arrows from each picture to the next. Finally we labelled all fins.  

It really turned out very cute. My sixth grade science students were jealous!

Update: I found another blog that has fabulous ideas about teaching food chains... you can find it here.


  1. Check out the update. I love her blog!

  2. Hi Ms. Ayers,
    I found my way to you while looking for food chain resources and wanted to thank you for linking to my blog.
    Bookish Ways in Math and Science