Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zombies are coming!

Ok. So I went to this workshop the other day. And...

I am in love with this curriculum!

It's called Zombie Based Learning. It is a curriculum for learning Geography. The guy (David Hunter) who created it is a certifiable genius! He is fresh from the classroom and created a project based curriculum with lessons all focused on National Geography Standards. He unpacks the standards, breaks them down, and makes the content understandable.

I just finished my first lesson last Thursday and the kids were so excited. They wanted to do that zombie stuff again on Friday. LOL. I teach two sections of fifth and  two of sixth grade. I also cover Science. So I was worried that the curriculum gives the whole first day's lesson over to "back story" about zombies but I became a believer when the kids read the first graphic novel, Dead Reckon, and created their own Zombie preparedness plan for our school.

One group started asking relevant questions such as, "What does it take to kill a zombie?" Not being a big fan of zombies, I had no idea. So we researched on the SmartBoard while other groups were inventing their plans.

Each group had to write ideas in a t-chart. On one side they wrote materials/supplies they might need; on the other side they wrote what they might need to know or learn to stay safe.

The groups weren't quiet but for the first time in a long time, I didn't catch anyone off topic! I can't wait for tomorrow's lesson which will have us mapping the zombie outbreak.

The curriculum is inexpensive and amazing and can be found here.

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